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Dealing With Hungry Days

Dealing With Hungry Days

I sometimes have days when I feel like I am constantly hungry. Those days used to freak me out, but I have now learned to accept them. In this video, I share my thought process and self-talk for when a day like this occurs.

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Hungry Days

  1. Hi Eeza! I persist on thinking of you like that!!! I’m an old friend from the IE forum just visiting here and I’m so happy that you’re writing a book and I love the site. I just wanted to chime in here and say that having a two-year-old has helped me so much understand how malleable our hunger is. My daughter has *extreme* hunger days. Sometimes it feels like she’s eating more than I do. Yesterday she went to a chinese buffet with her grandmother and she came home and wanted more food. It would be so easy to cut her off, and say that’s enough for today, but I know she’s super-active and growing and she’s not saying she’s hungry from any kind of perversity but because she actually is. Other days she’ll eat almost nothing, and that’s concerning in its own way. But as I’m making progress in Intuitive Eating I’m realizing I’m just like her. I have hungry days because I’m hungry!! And I have to honor that hunger, whatever reason it shows up.

    1. I thought that I recognized your name from the IE forum! It’s good to see you here. And I appreciate your kind words about my website and your encouraging words about my book! I will have a mini e-book out next week and I’m working on my memoir. It’s taking longer than I thought it would though! 🙂

      Your daughter is truly intuitive and we could all learn a little something from her and other kids who just eat by listening to their bodies. I think you’re right about her growing and needing a little extra fuel too. It’s like when our body is repairing itself and it needs more fuel due to an illness or a workout or whatever. Diets have taught us to consume X calories per day and that’s that. Well, not every day is the same so our hunger won’t be the same either.

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