“The Beginning of the End of My Eating Disorder” Is Now Available!

“The Beginning of the End of My Eating Disorder” Is Now Available!

In her honest and open blog, Deborah Raphael delves into how, after dieting herself into an eating disorder, she got fed up with being hungry and miserable and decided to break free. This compilation of personal essays is the first in a series that explores the emotional and physical battles that arise with an eating disorder and the often frustrating journey towards recovery. Not only will this series provide a glimpse into the harsh world of extreme dieting and eating disorders, it will also reassure those who suffer that they are not alone in their fight.

In The Beginning of the End of My Eating Disorder, Deborah candidly describes her struggles with accepting her eating disorder and starting the recovery process. With the help of intuitive eating, seasoned professionals, and an ever-patient husband, Deborah starts on her journey of making peace with food and her body despite her reluctance to part with her eating disorder.

Included in this compilation are several questions and activities for readers to digest as they consider their own relationship with food and their bodies.

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