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Participant Feedback

Participant Feedback

I have worked with some amazing people during my online group sessions. Check out what they have to say about the experience!

“I found Deborah to be easy to talk to, a good listener, and full of helpful suggestions. I think someone new to Intuitive Eating and feeling overwhelmed, or someone feeling stuck on one of the Principles, would benefit from Deborah’s professional help. She has been a long time contributor to the Intuitive Eating Forum and now moderator for the Forum. Through her own Intuitive Eating journey, I’m sure she has experienced many of the ups and downs, and concerns that her new clients would have. She definitely has the experience and knowledge to help others on their journey. Based on my own experience with Deborah, I would definitely recommend her as an Intuitive Eating counselor.” —Kathy

“[I liked] the queries that opened the group to share their struggles and suggestions. In addition, the links, visuals, and prompt communications provided via emails.  I understand more clearly that it is a journey and I can be successful and at peace on this path!  It is a wonderful opportunity to shed more light on IE and think it should be a continued venue.”  —Frances

“I liked the zoom format. I am in a very receptive stage, so it allowed me to listen a lot, and take in good stuff without feeling like I had to contribute. This felt very safe. I liked that it was only 10 people. I’ve done another group, and it was about 30 people, and I quit as it was just too overwhelming, and too long.
I liked the topics. They felt appropriate and insightful. I really liked your follow up after each session. That was a huge piece of this for me. I’ve kept those and read the links, etc.  I love your blog!” —Christine

J.T. enjoyed the following parts of the Guided Start course: “reinforcing the IE concepts and exploring them on a personal level, reading your blog and the IE community links, [and] it was reassuring to know someone was at my level and broke free.”

[Deborah’s] handling of the group dynamics and subject matter is balanced, compassionate, and really sets a tone of support. I’ve been in DBT and Compassionate Communication groups for years, so I really appreciate that kind of management of a group.” –Robyn Perry

As a certified intuitive eating counselor, I offer online group support services through Zoom. Please contact me at or go directly to my Online Group Support page for more information.